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Serving the Industry

Entertainment Concepts has provided services for thousands of corporate and private events. Our corporate clients include such companies as A.J. Martini, Georgetown Savings Bank, Fidelity Investments, Fisher College, Massachusetts Department of Corrections, Middlesex District Attorney, New England Medical, Saugus High School, Thermo Corporation, Time Warner, TLT Construction,  the Peabody and Lynn school systems and many others.  Below are some testimonials from just a few of our clients that we have provided our services for over the years.

"Greg was by far the best I have ever seen and a pleasure to work with as well.  I would hire him for any occasion, from a children's event to a sophisticated wedding or adult function," Deborah Boyle, Director Ballet Arts Centre of Winchester.

"I have used Greg Plowman at my graduation ceremonies since 1997 at Peabody Memorial High School. Simply put, Greg has never let me down.  He is a craftsman of sound - meticulous in details, quality and always ready for emergencies or the unexpected with back up equipment.  His professionalism has guaranteed his work and we've never been disappointed," Joseph Patuleia, Principal Peabody Veterans Memorial High School.

"From July 1 through July 4, 2004 over 60 local elected officials from 38 states came to Boston to participate in the summer board meeting of the National League of Cities.  Due to your generous support, the meeting was exceptionally successful.  The significant contribution you made provided a most positive impact and impression on all attendees. They all shared with me remarks indicating the wonderful experience they had," Charlie Lyons, President, National League of Cities

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