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Frequently Asked Questions

What other services does Entertainment Concepts provide?
Event planning and coordination, karaoke, vendor referral and audio/visual consulting.

How do you dress for an event?
Whatever you determine to be appropriate for the occasion; tuxedo, shirt and tie or corporate casual. Entertainment Concepts maintains a professional appearance at all times.

When do you arrive to set up for an event?
Usually we arrive 1 hour prior unless event needs dictate an involved and lengthy setup or a quick room turnaround.

What kinds of music are included in your collection?
Please see our music section for a detailed listing. We maintain a complete library in all popular genres of music.

What kind of equipment do you use?
We use commercial grade audio equipment and insure its reliability with proper maintenance and routine upgrades. We feature equipment by QSC, Denon, EV, JBL as well as other quality equipment. We also feature state of the art computerized digital audio systems.

What do you require from my event site?
We require at least one 6-foot banquet table and adequate power (120-volt, 15-amp circuit), but would prefer two 8-foot banquet tables with skirts and table cloths.

Can we speak with some of your clients?
Yes, please review our client testimonial section and then contact us for further information.

Can we visit you at a performance?
Yes, this can be arranged. Remember, however, each event is uniquely designed and produced for the particular clients. Your event will be a reflection of who you are. Please contact us to schedule.

How much do you charge?
Because each event is unique and has different requirements, a complete and accurate price quote will be provided to you during our initial meeting.

What are the terms of payment if I book your services?
The balance is due at completion of event.

Is the person we initially meet guaranteed to be our DJ?
Yes, unless otherwise specified at the initial meeting.

How far in advance should we book your services?
Many clients book our services twelve months prior to their event, with some clients signing contracts up to two years in advance. We will do our best to accommodate your timeframe. However, due to the demand for our services, we recommend booking as far in advance as possible